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The Naked Marriage

The Naked MarriageThe Naked Marriage is my theoretical construct that encapsulates my philosophy and my therapeutic approach that helps couples achieve the intimate relationship that they desire in their hearts. In my 25 years plus of working with couples in every phase of an intimate relationship, from premarital through divorce, I have come to understand the anatomy of interpersonal intimacy. I have observed and analyzed the data before me and now use this wealth of knowledge and experience to benefit those couples that come to me for help. I also teach my unique therapeutic process to other professionals to help in their work with couples.


I believe we are born perfect and we are born hard wired for connection. Unfortunately, we are born into an imperfect world to imperfect parents. No matter how well intended our parents, we are hurt one way or another. From that point on we learn to “protect ourselves” and carry that “armor” with us the rest of our lives and into our marriages often with only glimpses of our real selves.


In “getting naked,” we shed the amour and we get in touch with who we really are and what we really think and feel. With that information, we can better negotiate relationships and our place in them. We can begin to set healthy boundaries so others don’t hurt us and we don’t hurt others. We regain our real selves, and we have the confidence to fully connect to our partners and others. If we are courageous enough to let others truly know us, we can create the emotionally intimate relationship that we all desire.


In “getting naked” i.e., working toward emotional intimacy, we explore, we process and we negotiate. Then you walk out my office door and put into action all that we discussed and your relationship will improve. With commitment, hard work, and practice, it can happen.

Remember the old adage“relationships are hard work.” This process equips you with the tools, the insights, and interpersonal skills to do that work.

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