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Couples Therapy

secondary_content_couplesIn couples counseling, I inspire, encourage and direct couples to make meaningful, practical changes to improve their relationship. I have a natural gift for delivering just the right words along with a healthy dose of support and guidance.

In the first two sessions, I listen to the couples’ story and what issues or concerns or conflicts have brought them to me. We look at their families of origin, and I begin to analyze and conceptualize how I can be of help. I offer interpretations and make connections which set the tone and the direction of their therapeutic process. My energy, integrity and commitment inspire confidence and hope of a successful outcome. My early analysis and assessment and the resulting interpretations cue couples to the fact that something significant is going to happen. Many couples have commented that this feels different from previous therapeutic experiences. They leave the first session feeling renewed hope that they are going to find answers and finally fix the problems in their relationship.

We are familiar with the old adage that “relationships are hard work,” but no one tells you what that really means. The wisdom implied in this statement has to do with the inevitable conflicts that arise within every intimate relationship. In an atmosphere of empathy, support and safety, I encourage couples to tackle their very difficult, and at times, seemingly insurmountable conflicts. I help them do their hard work by identifying and unraveling unhealthy patterns of relating. I am direct, but fair and neutral, as I help couples learn new ways of dealing with each other.

By the third session, we are entrenched in their therapeutic process and “off and running.” The couple has a new perspective of the presenting problems, an understanding of the therapeutic process, a feel for the tools of conflict resolution, and new hope for a satisfying relationship.

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