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Individual Therapy

Individual TherapyIn individual therapy, I inspire, encourage and direct individuals to make meaningful, practical changes in their lives. I have a natural gift for delivering just the right words along with a healthy dose of support and guidance.


As children, we learn who we are and how we feel about ourselves by our parents reactions to us. As adults, we have a tendency to recreate the emotional environment of the families we grew up in. We tend to recreate the relationship we had with our mother, the relationship we had with our father, and the relationship they had with each other. We also tend to treat ourselves just like our parents treated us; we scold and punish ourselves often in the same way. Our parents did the best they could with the understanding and awareness that they had. They could not teach us anything that they did not know. This shows us where we get many of our beliefs about ourselves, some of which are negative. These subconscious negative beliefs, because they’re not in our conscious awareness, can cause us difficulty in our adult lives and especially in our relationships. In individual therapy, we look at the presenting problem, its manifestations and implications, and how it relates to our early lives.


Individual TherapyIn the first two sessions, I listen to the individual’s story and what issues, concerns or conflicts brought them to me. We begin to look at their family of origin, and I begin to analyze and conceptualize who they are against the backdrop of their family and how that relates to their current issues and concerns. I develop hypotheses, offer interpretations, and make connections which set the tone and the direction of their therapeutic process. My energy, integrity and commitment inspire confidence in our therapeutic alliance. My early analysis and assessment and the resulting interpretations cue the individual to the fact that something significant is going to happen. Many individuals have commented that this feels different from previous therapeutic experiences. They leave the first session with insight, feeling renewed hope that they are going to find answers and finally fix the presenting concerns.

By the third session we are entrenched in their therapeutic process and “off and running.”


In an atmosphere of empathy, support and safety, I encourage individuals to courageously deal with their fears, anxieties and conflicts. We examine their interpersonal relationships and address unhealthy patterns of relating. I begin to teach the individual about the nature and importance of healthy boundaries and how it relates to their self-esteem and healthy interpersonal relationships.

At this point, the individual has a feel for the therapeutic process, my personal style and approach, and what they can hope to accomplish with my help.

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